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Monitoring and Archiving

Trium CTG Online offers a broad spectrum of features. It is a highly scalable and configurable central station for the Maternity Department specifically designed to meet the surveillance, alerting and diagnostic aiding demands of a modern obstetrical care environment.

This computer-based monitoring system reliably and safely connects to any fetal monitor using the hospital network infrastructure. Traces and annotations are automatically archived electronically as soon as the CTG monitor is connected to the mother.

FIGO Online Decision Support

The optional FIGO Online Decision Support module replaces the basic threshold alarm by a sophisticated online CTG pattern analysis and classification system as recommended by the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO).

Note: CTG pattern analysis according to J-Guidelines is available for Japanese market.

Partogram documentation

Document and review the progress of labour with our highly customisable electronic partogram. The partogram layout provides quick entry of maternal and fetal data, as well as the documentation of any event or procedure, and a quick overview of the labour progress.

  • Highly customizable electronic partogram
  • Providing information about the course of labour at a glance
  • Assist caregivers to recognize prolonged labour at an early stage
  • Export and print-outs of partogram records in PDF/A format
  • Partogram module is available as web application for computers and as Android application for tablet devices