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CT-Engine® - Clinical eTrial Services

CT-Engine is a fully web-based eTrial software suite supporting the key requirements during the active phase of clinical studies. It is a very efficient but also flexible solution, which takes into account and is compliant with the very high regulatory and security demands in healthcare and life sciences.

The working parties entrusted with clinical trials are securely connected online via the internet to CT-Engine, just log in with your favorite web-browser. The users must neither install software nor maintain a local data base. In encrypted format, data of every kind are processed and transmitted to the central server residing in a highly secured environment in Germany. By means of our validated tools you can carry out a virtually unlimited variety of calculations in realtime - starting from basic edit checks up to sophisticated reporting and data mining displays.

CT-Engine is our own development and fully under our control, a fact which our clients can leverage in at least two ways: Cost-sensitive clients have a one-stop shop for all major tools like EDC, CTMS, IWRS and Safety Surveillance. There is no overhead in managing different vendors, no hidden costs and time implications resulting from interface implementation and no risk at all with respect to the inter-operability.
On the other hand we're able to interface any CT-Engine module with your favourite third-party tool, be it a CTM, IWR, Central Lab or PV system in the most efficient and appropriate way.

Please contact us for the latest information about our products and solutions.
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