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EDC - Electronic Data Capturer

The highly flexible EDC adapts easily to any study design and CRF specification and not the other way round. Online implementation of edit checks covers on average more than 95% of the data validation plans, the advanced query management tool takes care about the remaining manual queries. It is compliant to the relevant regulatory requirements and implements open standards as needed.

CTMS - Clinical Trial Management System

The CTMS is the heart of CT-Engine. It is an highly efficient, feature-rich and cost-effective software suite for the management and validation of clinical trial data, designed for use in all research phases and sizes of clinical trials.

SCC - Safety Control Center

The SCC module ensures prompt decision making, when relevant safety data are generated and preparation of meanigful reports in real-time are crucial for the safety in clinical trials.

IWRS - Interactive Web Response System

The IWRS module completely manages the supply chain from randomising, enrolling study subjects until the management of drug supply.