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Modular and highly customizable eTrial software

CT-Engine enables study data to be acquired, retrieved and analysed at any time, in any place and almost any device. Its state-of-the-art technology guarantees the highest degree of security in terms of access control, data archiving and availability.

CT-Engine combines the technical advantages offered by the internet with proven expertise in conducting clinical trials.

According to the individual wishes of the customer various extensions are possible. Such as the inclusion of external data bases or tailor-made online tools like registration and randomisation systems, scheduling, memory and reminding functions.

  • easy access via the internet at any time, anywhere
  • optimized, user-friendly and intuitive user guidance
  • workflow oriented study and patient management
  • online validation of entered data
  • unlimited number of patients and study sites
  • web-based and onsite customer training
  • customer support via email and telephone
  • quick turn-around times for change requests
  • no extra costs for typical on-study changes